Japanese reading report

This week I mostly read 三日間の幸福. I’m a bit behind schedule (about the 40% point) and I have to say it’s not especially holding my interest right now. The initial premise was really strong, and the “what could have been” part was…I guess somewhat tragic, but it didn’t really get the weight I felt it could have had. I did think it was an interesting perspective to basically say “if you could somehow know for a fact that things would never get better, there’s no reason to tough it out”, though I feel like the applicability of this idea to real life is very limited (and the optimist in me hopes that it ends up being overturned later in the story). At this point it feels like it’s in a transitional phase where nothing much is happening but there’s still a lot of time to kill before things start getting more interesting. It’s still going pretty smoothly when I do find the motivation to read it so I’ll keep it up.

I read バカップル vol. 1 and it was fun. The whole premise is that the titular couple wants to be lovey-dovey but they have no experience and they keep knocking themselves out by being “too lewd” (i.e. imagining going further than 間接キス). The gag got a little tired towards the end but I was still enjoying myself throughout.

I rewatched three episodes of 響け!ユーフォニアム and it’s still as good as ever. There are definitely still a few points where I’m carried by my memory of doing subs2srs with it (feels like a lifetime ago) but I also noticed several points where I easily understood a sentence that I had previously struggled with over and over again.