Japanese reading report

This week I read about 25% of 三日間の幸福. I’m on a pretty leisurely pace for this one (just a few pages per day) and it’s been smooth so far.

At the beginning of the book a teacher asks “how much would you sell your lifespan for?” and the characters immediately start thinking about it in terms of how much could they earn by working their whole lives. One character even says something like “[one classmate] probably wouldn’t even be able to sell it at all; she’d have to pay someone to take it”. Of course that premise is challenged later with the postulation that it’s the happiness you experience, and the happiness you cause others, that truly determine your life’s value.

The writing is a little dense at times but I’m enjoying it. I have to say the very beginning set me up to think the protagonist would be insufferable but it was a ruse.

Ended up watching spy family ep. 3 instead of 2 by accident. I’m not a big fan of Yuri episodes but the shorts at the end were fun. I also watched Pluto ep. 1 (one hour). I don’t know anything about the source material but the first episode was pretty nice. Lots of quiet moments and striking frames.