Japanese reading report

Was trying to read two volumes of manga per day this week but ended up getting sick and only ended up reading 10. She is beautiful vol. 2 had some tense moments but still hasn’t lived up to the first half of vol. 1. 僕が死ぬだけの百物語 vol. 6 was great like usual; I still can’t get one story in particular, about a troublesome 守り神, out of my head, 魔女先輩日報 seems to have been restarted (vol. 2 was previously 完結) and I vol. 3 was quite nice, though it did feel a bit like a bunch of おまけ chapters which…I guess it is, 阿波連さんははかれない vol. 12 was as good as ever.虎は龍をまだ食べない vol. 3 has pretty pictures and reads quickly. Gantz ended up being the unexpected star of the week. I read vol. 15-19 and finally got confirmation that 系ちゃん was always intended to have a character arc. I hated him for the longest time, just thought he was a brat with no redeeming qualities, but over the past few volumes he’s actually become a pretty good guy. There’s been a pretty big paradigm shift so I’m very curious to see what comes next.

I did finish 本好き vol. 7 a few days early. Some pretty big changes came out of seemingly nowhere. マイン has been “adopted” and is now officially nobility, with a brand new name to boot — and her family is magically compelled to act as though she’s dead. The “epilogue” started with almost 100 pages left in the book and consisted mostly of small vignettes about the fallout from the final events from the perspective of some supporting characters. In particular, one story focusing on ルッツ made me wonder if ジルベスターisn’t as bad as he initially seemed (maybe just when マイン is around). This was also an audiobook; 10:18, full focus.

Started reading Re:ゼロ vol. 1. It’s been pretty easy so far. I was surprised to find that while the first chapter lines up almost entirely with the first episode of the anime, the entirety of Subaru’s life in Japan wasn’t mentioned at all. He just suddenly finds himself in a fantasy world and never questions it. Kinda weird.