Japanese reading report

I’m suffering from some minor RSI and would like to keep my typing to a minimum today, so this report will be (hopefully) fairly short.

Anime: three episodes of Naruto. The Idaten race arc seems to be over and I’m glad; I never really cared about him.

Audiobooks: おさまけ 9 (7:18, medium focus); another girl has fallen for the main character but ultimately fails to confess to him, twice, with the same gag both times. 水族館ガール 2 and 3 (combined 20:31, low focus); lots of discussions about making an aquarium that can attract customers by striking a balance between providing valuable services and not wasting money and effort on things that could be better provided elsewhere. The past two volumes have had a lot of 関西人 characters and it’s always nice hearing them speak.

Manga: next week…for sure…

面白ければなんでもあり: I read 63 pages this week. I liked the part about things a good LN must not do (読者の気分を徒に害する was one point that particularly struck me as one that more books could follow). I also liked the chunk about what separates good writing from bad, and the difference that 役割語, environmental descriptions, and third-person pronouns can make when painting a picture in the reader’s mind. Still lagging behind my intended pace but I’m going to try really hard to catch up and finish by next report.