Japanese reading report

My conception of time is way off somehow. I was about to say this week had been really bad, but apparently I read over 120 pages of 本好き 2.3 since my last report so…I guess I scraped by. The latter half of this book introduced a new character who’s more insufferable than anyone who’s come before. So far マイン has a pretty good track record with turning people around, but I don’t know about this guy. I can’t tell what his purpose is going to be and he’s not very fun to read. Oh well. Planning to keep trucking with the series so maybe he’ll get better soon. As usual, this was also an audiobook readalong (10:13, full focus).

I don’t usually mention partially-complete manga volumes but I’ll make an exception in this case. I read almost all of Gantz vol. 12 before leaving my ereader in my mom’s car when she came to visit. I’ll be able to get it back in a couple of days but I was bummed out to have it interrupted. The new cast is fun and the main guy seems to have finally had a bit of actual character growth; taking initiative, showing courage, and showing real care for his girlfriend for the first time since he was dared to start going out with her. Good stuff.

I only watched one episode of Naruto (86). Started a new audiobook about aquariums. Read a bit of some other manga here and there but I’ll cover them in full next week.