Japanese reading report

Another pretty packed week of anime. I finished Mashle (ep. 12) and it was okay. Might watch the next season if I don’t have anything better to do. I also watched ep. 56-85 of Naruto and it was a lot of fun. Some of the later episodes at the end of the 我愛羅 arc dragged on a bit but overall I thought it was great. The emotional core of the last part was solid and I think his character was developed really well. Watched a bit more into the next arc as well and it seems to be getting pretty intense.

I read about 80 pages in 本好き 2.3. Fallout from the upset at the end of the last volume has マイン being escorted by a personal guard and the ink industry is out to get her too. It feels a bit directionless at the moment but hopefully it picks up once I pass the halfway point. Planning to finish this one off early this coming week.

Three volumes of manga; Gantz 10 and 11, and 無能なナナ vol. 11 (!). Gantz abruptly shifted gears to introduce a couple of other characters out of nowhere but they’re being incorporated into the story now and I’m guessing they’ll probably join the regular lineup. Each one has something that makes them feel like they’d make things…interesting… if forced to work together so hopefully it turns out the way I’m expecting.

無能なナナ never misses. This volume was great. A really poignant backstory at the beginning; a nice self-contained mystery with good characters in the middle; a huge reveal at the end. Next volume confirmed for spring 2024…泣くしかあるまい

Played a bit more Zelda…had I finished the Zora temple last week? I guess not. I have now!