Japanese reading report

I watched a lot of Naruto this week. 39 episodes spread across four workdays. I’m really enjoying it now. 桜’s inner voice (しゃーんなろ!) is great and her “イメチェン” moment felt like a really good character beat. The one-on-one training arc had a lot of fun moments (I laughed out during a fight with 影真似の術­) and the matches with 日向 and リー were both very hype. The current arc with 自来也 (I knew what his name would be right away) is a bit irritating with all the pervert hijinks but it also seems to be getting pretty serious.

I only read one (full) volume of manga this week; Gantz vol. 9. Our boy keeps on being the worst guy ever to live and yet he somehow gets all the ladies.

Played quite a bit more Zelda. I’ve lit up the whole map at this point and I’m partway through my first temple. I’ve been reading the dialogues aloud which makes things more fun and feels like good practice.

Finally, read about 50 pages of 本好き 2.3. I fell a bit behind schedule on this one but I expect to finish it well ahead of schedule in the end so I’m not too worried. It seems like movable type might be in the near future! マイン has been approached by an acquaintance who’s been told “his metalwork is too fine to be useful” and I can only imagine she’s going to put his particular skills to use. There might also be trouble brewing among the ink 工房 over new advances in ink production.