Japanese reading report

This week ended up being pretty cleanly segregated into three media “eras”. The first few days of the week were all anime, then all manga, then the last were spent entirely on reading my next novel.

For anime: I finished ノラガミ ARAGOTO (ep. 4-13) which I’d forgotten about a few months ago. The first season was only okay for me but I liked the end of this one a lot. Cool character developments and a really good redemption/twist that turned a very cool antagonist into an ally in a believable way. Also watched the latest two episodes of この爆 and the latest My Home Hero — I’m not sure if the last moment of the episode was a fakeout but if not it’s a pretty bold move. Either way looking forward to what comes next.

For manga I read vol. 2, 3, and 4 of 新しいきみへ and enjoyed them even more than the (very good) first volume. I wasn’t sure if this one was still running and I was pleased to find out that it is. Vol. 3 has a paradigm shift that feels somewhat obvious in retrospect but struck me by surprise and I’m very curious to see where things go from here.

I thought it might be fun to blast through a novel in a day or two and ultimately ran out of stamina about halfway through, but it was still a pretty good attack. 191 pages of 本好きの下剋上 vol. 2.2, which puts me just over halfway through the book. I’ll probably be finishing the rest at a more leisurely pace over a week or two. Myne is due to become an older sister and decides to make a picture book (based on the holy scriptures of course) to instill a love of reading in her new sibling, new developments in the italian restaurant and library classification system, and apparently it’s time for a disruption in the gallnut ink market.