Japanese reading report

This week I mostly read Gantz. It is, without a doubt, the most transparently “intended for young boys” series I’ve ever read. It’s kind of funny looking at reviews/reactions on bookmeter as I mark each volume off — people will say stuff like “系 is so cool” while I’m over here thinking “this guy is such a child”. I have to believe the author is fully aware of how uncool he actually is and is planning for him to have a big character growth moment down the line. All that said, it is still a lot of fun. I got through vol. 3-8 without really trying and will probably have to buy more soon.

Played a bit more Zelda, progressed the main quest a little (I never went back to the camp after unlocking towers, so I totally missed a bunch of stuff) but not too much to report.

Finished the おさまけ vol. 3 audiobook (7:39, medium focus) and just like the last one it was kind of bad. Just typical “guy surrounded by a bunch of girls” stuff and not in an interesting way. Once again it’s just serving as a way to get consistent easy audio immersion.

Seasonal anime: My home hero (ep. 10), この爆 (ep. 9), スキップとローファー (ep. 6), plus Trigun Stampede (ep. 8-10). I hope the next episode of My home hero pulls something pretty good because I felt like 恭一 taking the fall would have been a great point of drama. Trigun is still sort of lukewarm for me. I did like the Vash backstory arc but the current trajectory makes me feel like I’ll be let down by the eventual resolution.