Japanese reading report

This week I had planned to do something fun and that immediately made me think of manga. I considered doing another big bet (14 volumes or something) but I’m glad I didn’t because I ended up finding my fun with two other things instead. It ended up being a pretty good week, even if some of my goals are still falling behind.

First up, I watched two more episodes of この爆 and then binged the entirety of My Home Hero (ep. 1-9, which is all that’s out so far). I really like this series. The very beginning was a bit underwhelming but it’s been consistently good for a while now. Despite 哲雄 being ostensibly the main character, I’d say 歌仙 deserves nearly equal billing. I love the way they complement each other; it feels like they’re actually two different people with different thought processes, strengths and weaknesses, rather than two characters written by the same author. Very impressed and if the anime doesn’t cover the whole series I’ll probably read it after it ends.

I read メガネ、時々、ヤンキーくん vol. 2 and I honestly don’t think I’ll be continuing it after all. I had kind of an interesting realization about why the main boy just rubs me the wrong way; he’s clearly designed to appeal to a female audience, but it’s done in a way that doesn’t feel authentic to me as a guy myself. I talked to my sister and she said a corollary for her would be 中野三玖 (五等分の花嫁). If nothing else it prompted an interesting conversation.

I finished listening to 幼なじみが絶対に負けないラブコメ vol. 2 (8:45, medium focus) and don’t really have anything to say about it.

Most of the week was Zelda. Still haven’t done much of the main story but I’ve been exploring a lot, reading all the item descriptions and talking to any NPCs I find.

Finally, I was sick on Saturday and didn’t want to stress myself too much. I’d heard Gantz was pretty easy so I decided to read it and yeah, it is. I blew through two volumes pretty quickly. It’s pretty weird but I’m enjoying it. The main kid is probably the most unlikable manga guy ever but the Plot is pretty good.