Japanese reading report

I felt pretty unmotivated this week and ended up kind of just scraping by most days. I’ve been thinking about reconsidering my goals for the year so I can refocus onto only things I’m interested in. Haven’t made a decision yet but it’s definitely on my mind.

At the end of my previous report I said I’d be finishing 呪術廻戦 19 that same night, but I ended up passing out pretty soon after (jetlag hit me pretty hard this time). Not a lot else to say since I was so close to the end anyway but just wanted to correct the record.

Other manga for this week were 見える子ちゃん vol. 9, which went by in no time at all like normal. The current arc made me go hmmm and I think I need to revisit vol. 8 (it’s been so long since it came out) to see if a particular theory might have legs.

My sister twisted my arm into reading メガネ、時々、ヤンキーくん (vol. 1 and part of 2) and it’s fine. She loves delinquent boys and the series is clearly for girls who love delinquent boys. It’s a pretty short series but it’s apparently been recently picked up by a new magazine and resurrected, which is what put it on our radar when we were in Japan. I’m definitely not the target audience but it’s still pretty good and it’s easy to read. Had a crisis moment when I realized I’d been reading 口外す[る] as くちはずす for quite some time and never noticed my mistake until it showed up with furigana here. Will likely try to catch up to it soon if only to have some leverage to get my sister to read something I recommend her.

I listened to one audiobook this week; 幼なじみが絶対に負けないラブコメ vol. 1 (7:55, medium focus). It’s somewhat entertaining and feels very self-aware but also kind of annoying. The whole gimmick is that seemingly every character is the victim of unrequited love in some way and they’re all secretly scheming to get back at each other. It’s pretty easy to listen to so I’ve started the next volume but honestly only out of lack of inspiration of what to read next. All that to say I’m desperately in need of good LNs to listen to so if you have ideas please let me know.

Played a little of Zelda but not as much as I’d planned to. Yappari it’s really hard for videogames to hold my attention. I did also manage to get back to FFX this week, putting in about two hours in one session and getting to the end of the ice crystal forest area. Saw some Jekt backstory and found out about the kanji for 魁(さきがけ).

Oh yeah I also watched some anime I guess. Skip and Loafer x1 (best show this season), 鬼滅の刃 x1, ロマンティック・キラー x3 (finished), この爆 x2 (second best show this season), 推しの子 x2.

When I type it all out it does look like I did a decent amount this week but I’ve really been feeling pretty down about my reading pace lately. Hopefully next week is easier.