Japanese reading report

This week I mostly focused on reading my next novel, 京都寺町三条のホームズ vol. 8 (started on Sunday and finishing today). This was a readalong so I’m going pretty quickly. I’ll be finished with it by the end of the night but I’m not sure if I’ll have good internet later on so I’m writing this a little bit prematurely. This volume mostly focused on two small mysteries; the first was not to interesting (to me any way), but the second one had a bunch of subtle clues throughout it that I feel I could have picked up on if I’d been aware of some of the subtleties (for example, the difference between a 牧師 and a 神父). A few fun words/phrases I found throughout the book: 二度あることは三度ある 俗っぽい 間男

I also finished listening to 往復書簡 (9:17, low focus) which I’ve been picking away at for a few weeks now. It’s largely told in the form of a series of letters between a variety of childhood friends (now grown), trying to come to terms with a tragedy that occurred during their youth. Throughout most of the story you can’t be sure if anyone is lying or even if they’re who they say they are. I ended up missing a lot of this because it’s hard to keep my bearings if I lose focus for even a minute, but I enjoyed the gist of it at least.

For anime, I wasn’t able to catch up completely on my weekly shows because my sister is out of town this weekend but I did watch Trigun Stampede ep. 5, このばく ep. 1, 鬼滅の刃 S4 ep. 1, 地獄楽 ep. 2, トニカクカワイイ S2 ep. 2, スキップとローファー ep. 1, ノラガミ S1 ep. 9-12 (finished) and S2 1-3. スキップとローファー is definitely a highlight of the season; we were busting up laughing the whole time. このばく is also very good.

Finally, I put in about three more hours of FFX yesterday. Despite a pretty high-encounter-rate area at the end (雷平原) there was also a pretty sizable story section. One minor character in particular sticks in my memory for using “the traditional tongue of our people” and using stuff like ひ-stem verbs and やう for よう. Pretty fun stuff.