Japanese reading report

This week was a struggle. I managed to hit my minimum every day but I honestly thought I was going to break my 1000+ day streak at one point. I’m not sure if next week will be any better so I’m really going to have to think of ways to steal some extra time.

Three volumes of manga: 殺し愛 vol. 8 and 葬送のフリーレン vol. 2 and 3. 殺し愛 is honestly starting to wear me down…they’ve pulled the same near-death fakeout four or five times now and I’ve realized that I don’t feel any peril from the situations anymore. I bought all 13 volumes back when it was still really strong but I feel like I might drop it soon. I’ve mentioned it before but the Indian guy is incredibly annoying. Katakana speech is bad enough but I can’t imagine that imperative + ください is a mistake anyone would realistically make.

葬送のフリーレン on the other hand is a delight. These two volumes see the introduction of some new regular cast members and the first real battle arc. I’m pleased that (so far) my initial expectation that the series would skip quickly through the years, leaving characters behind as a matter of course, was only somewhat true. Curious to see if that’s how it plays out in the future though. Lots of fun words popping up here and there; 斯くあるべし in particular sticks out in my memory.

Last week I went through my watchlist and dropped a bunch of stuff. Down to just four weekly shows now, though two of them (僕のヒーローアカデミア and シュガーアップル・フェアリーテイル) ended this week. シュガーアップル ended on a big cliffhanger that had my sister livid, and Buddy Daddies had a strong penultimate episode though I need to know what kind of juice ミリ is drinking that lets her sleep that soundly. This episode of 文豪ストレイドッグス felt unfocused until the very end; definitely reading ahead once the anime ends (next week).

Finally, I read a little bit of シュガーアップル vol. 1, though not nearly as much as I had planned. With the anime over and the next cour coming out in a couple of months I do kind of want to hustle through it and see if I can read ahead.