Japanese reading goals for 2023

I’ll be using this post to keep track of my goals and progress across the upcoming year.

  • 90/150 volumes of manga
  • 10/18 novels
  • 30/52 audiobooks (mixed-focus listening)
  • 372/730 episodes of anime

Where applicable, I’ll be updating my Bookmeter, Anilist, and VNDB profiles. My main goal tracking will be done through Moyase, but this list will serve as a public mirror of my progress and also a place for me to make small notes throughout the year.

My manga goal is down to 150, less than half of my total from last year. I won’t honestly be surprised if I still end up averaging one per day, especially as my reading speed improves. I certainly don’t have any lack of series I’m interested in reading.

Conversely, I’ve upped my novel year beyond my record from years past (12) to 18. I had mixed luck with novels last year but if I apply myself there shouldn’t be any reason I can’t hit it. Some of these will certainly be readalong books, which brings me to my next goal…

52 audiobooks for the entire year doesn’t seem like much considering that I listened to more than that over the course of four months alone. I’m sure I’ll go over this number as well, but it’s not a priority.

My last goal is for anime, and will be the same as last year; 365 episodes.

July 27
It’s been fairly smooth sailing and I haven’t had much cause to update. I passed my anime goal and decided to double it for an average of two episodes per day. I’m slightly behind pace on novels; need to start one soon to make sure I don’t get swamped.