Japanese reading report

Nine episodes of anime this week (our weekly shows plus a bit left over from last week; 僕のヒーローアカデミア, spy family, ロマンチックキラー, blue lock x2, うる星やつら x2, Mob Psucho x2). This latest episode of Mob felt like a fever dream within the fever dream that the season has been delivering already.

I had planned to continue with 裏世界ピクニック this week, but for some reason Audible recommended me ナルニア国物語 and I had to jump ship. I listened to 魔術師のおい(上下, 6:13, high focus) and ライオンと魔女と衣装だんす (5:44, high focus) and really enjoyed them both. I know the english books practically by heart and have been planning to read through a Japanese box set of them for years at this point, but I think I might not after all. The edition I have is a pretty old translation and based on what I remember about trying to read them originally, the new translation I’ve been listening to is much better. There were a few points where I thought “ooh I wonder how they’ll translate this” and was pleasantly surprised. I also really like how they handled Jadis (the White Witch), with her very regal, haughty speech (your average 妾 character).

圧勝 vol. 8-11 keps on twisting and turning. I do have to say, I was starting to get a bit irritated because it briefly veered into “why aren’t these people talking to each other” territory, which is the worst way to build interpersonal drama, but fortunately it seems to be coming around. I’ll definitely be finishing it this coming week (if not tomorrow).

Read 魔女先輩日報 vol. 2, which is the end of the series. Really nice little self-contained romance with realistic emotional development, adorable art, some funny gags here and there.I need to go buy something from the author’s other work. So far Comic Elmo has yet to disappoint.

I’ve had 吾峠呼世晴短編集 sitting in my library for ages and finally got around to reading it. I expected it to all be about 鬼滅の刃, but only one of the stories ended up being at all related; the other three were standalone modern fantasy that were all pretty interesting in their own way. Makes me curious what we can expect from 吾峠呼世晴先生’s next series.

Finally, 凛とチア vol. 1, which is about competitive cheerleading and challenging gender norms. I bought this because it was by the same author as 青年少女よ、春を貪れ, but it didn’t grab me the same way. Not bad but I won’t be continuing it.