Japanese reading report

This week: seven volumes of manga, two audiobooks, three episodes of anime. I’ve been feeling pretty brainfogged the entire week so despite it being lighter than normal it feels like a victory.

Anime first: three episodes of our weekly shows (僕のヒーローアカデミア, spy family, ロマンチックキラー) brings an end to my goal for the year (365 episodes). ロマンチックキラー is still going strong and despite spy family being as strong as ever this was probably my favorite of the week.

Audiobooks: 裏世界ピクニック vol. 4 and 5 (12:48, high focus) got kinda spicy. I was feeling kind of iffy about the way some developments were going (which might have been intentional considering how one of the main characters was feeling about it) but it all came together. Vol. 5 had a lot of different storylines going on and I think I’m going to need to actually read it in order to shore up some details. Might be trying to finish the last two audiobooks this coming week.

Manga: 圧勝 vol. 4-7. Still very much hooked on this. If I have one criticism it’s that sometimes characters seem to be introduced and then dropped before they have a chance to develop the super dense relationship web that initially got me interested, but on the other hand it does a good job of raising stakes. Highlight this week was an investigation through internet 黒歴史 that had me cracking up over how close to home it hit.

Also read ヴィクトリアの電気棺 vol. 3 (final) and liked the ending a lot. Good way to wrap up a nice series. It tied up some plot threads I didn’t realize had been foreshadowed but didn’t go so far as to make literally everything related to each other, which is a kind of reserve I always appreciate.

Read 東京卍リベンジャーズ vol. 30 the day it came out, like usual. I’ve heard people are mad about the ending but it seems like it could work. There was a bit more flashback than would have be ideal but it was in service of showing the foreshadowing up to this point so we 許す.

Lastly, それでも歩は寄せてくる vol. 9, read aloud. Finally almost caught up to the anime.