Japanese reading report

Last week I set a goal of reading the next 青春ブタ野郎 volume over the course of this month. I’m still on track literally all of my reading was done yesterday and today in two big sprints. I’m not sure why I’m not motivated to read it, since I do enjoy it quite a lot (wouldn’t have been able to crank out 20 pages in a row today otherwise). Not a lot to say here; I’m doing the read-along thing again and it does a good job of keeping me focused.

Stayed current on my week-to-week shows and watched ep. 7-10 of 見える子ちゃん, plus two more episodes of ハイキュー.

Didn’t quite hit my manga goal this week (six volumes instead of seven); I could probably stay up late again and finish the one I’m currently reading but I think I’d better just count it towards next week instead.

First manga of this week was 火葬場のない町に鐘が鳴る時 vol. 7, which was the last one I had on hand at the time. Had some nice moments but the pace has slowed down a lot now that it’s daytime again and the pressure is off. I think the reason I was reading through these so quickly is because they were very exciting so hopefully people can get back in danger soon.

Next up was 税金で買った本. Good as ever, and I’m anxiously looking forward to the next volume. I think my favorite story this time around was about the bookworm girl who comes to do work study at the library. She had some rather misinformed ideas about the way libraries work which was very cute, but it also served as a good opportunity to get serious and teach a lesson.

I needed something quick to double up on one day, so I read 明日ちゃんのセーラー服 vol. 1. Ages ago when I first heard about it, my initial impression of this series was that it’s just an artbook with some minimal storytelling, and nothing really changed my mind. It’s very pretty for sure.

3月のライオン vol. 2 absolutely blindsided me with how much text there was. I ended up taking two days to read it just because I kept getting fatigued. I really liked the anime and I’m keen to catch up with the manga but this is definitely not something I can binge like I had originally planned.

I was intrigued by a tweet about 僕が死ぬだけの百物語 and it happened that vol. 1 was free on cmoa. I intended to fall asleep while reading and let me just say that did NOT happen. Pretty much just a collection of short horror stories, though there’s a certain framing device that has me very curious about what’s going on outside the stories proper. Will definitely be reading more soon.

Last up, not including the one I’m finishing tomorrow, was ギャルごはん vol. 1. As a fan of both gals and gohan I was pretty interested in this one but unfortunately (and I know I’m the only person who would complain) the cooking is pretty much just a framing device and they don’t go into the details at all. It’s not bad at all, but I probably won’t be continuing.