Japanese reading report

It’s been a busy week with a lot of translation work and unfortunately my reading time has suffered. I managed twelve episodes of anime and five volumes of manga, plus two partial volumes that I’ll be counting towards next week.

For manga, I tried three new series; ギリギリ遮る片桐さん, 魔女先輩日報, and それでも歩は寄せてくる (vol. 1 of each).

桐さん has a pretty basic premise that’s all but explained in the title; the main guy spends all of his time ogling the girls in his class, and the main girl spends all of her time contriving reasons to get in his way. It’s honestly surprisingly entertaining and the gag somehow manages to stay fresh, but I won’t be reading more.

魔女先輩 is adorable and surprisingly deep. I was expecting some lighthearted humor and cute OL hijinks but about halfway through it takes a turn and has some nice relationship drama. It’s complete at two volumes so I’ll be reading the next one soon.

I already knew I’d like それあゆ since I started the anime last week, and I definitely plan to keep reading it. It’s another one I could see being a good beginner pick.

I also read 最近雇ったメイドが怪しい vol. 3, and just like last week I somehow don’t have much to say about it despite enjoying it a lot.

Last manga of the week was 賭けからはじまるサヨナラの恋 vol. 2. It’s been forever since I read vol. 1 and I forgot how funny it is. The series is over now so I’m just waiting on the final volume.

For anime I did a minor binge through 見える子ちゃん (1-6) now that it’s not stuck on funimation. WOW this show is horny. The manga had its moments at the beginning but the show has kept it cranked up throughout. It’s a pretty good adaptation and I like the way they rearranged some things to give better framing.

Stayed current on my seasonal shows and also started watching シャドーハウス (only one episode in so far) so I can watch season 2 week-to-week. Also gave 惑星のさみだれ a one-episode try and it really didn’t grab me. Dropped for now.