Japanese reading report

Feels like I squeezed every moment out of this week just to stay afloat. Managed to hit some goals but some fell by the wayside and I definitely had to make up for lost time this weekend. I’ve been slowly losing my lead on my manga goal for a few weeks now, so that was my main priority; read at least seven volumes somehow so I could tread water at least. Including the one I’ll finish off in bed, I fortunately did manage it this time.

First manga of the week was ハチミツにはつこい vol. 1. It’s a pretty cute 幼なじみ 少女 romance where the two main characters are both pretty clueless about how they feel for each other (but they definitely do feel for each other). I wasn’t sure I would continue it since it seemed like it was setting up an annoying love triangle (square?) and I’m not into will-the-won’t-they stories, but the end of the first volume has me curious how things will develop.

Next up I read Kingdom of the Z vol. 2, with vol. 3 a little later and vol. 4 currently in progress. The wackiness I felt from the first volume didn’t really carry through immediately, but it’s picked back up and I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

くノ一ツバキの胸の内 was another vol. 1 and while I thought it was entertaining I probably won’t read more of it beyond what I have in my library (so just one more, when I get around to it). It does seem like it could be a good beginner recommendation though so I’ll keep it in mind.

Flying Witch came out in June this year so I bought it and read it right away. I remember being slightly let down by the previous volume but this one was really fun. Chinatsu and Hamabe’s antics in particular were great.

Last up, I read 破壊神のマグちゃん vol. 1 and really enjoyed it, contrary to my expectations. I had read a pretty harsh review of this series back when it was wrapping up and based on that my expectations were pretty low, but I was pleasantly surprised. The dissonance between マグちゃん’s pompous old-timey speech and his…condition… is hilarious. Will definitely be reading more.

I had hoped to finish スーパーカブ vol. 1 this week but a minor injury got in the way of my plans to listen to the audiobook while walking. Will have to finish it this coming week instead. I’m not really sure what I can say about this one though, since pretty much nothing actually happens. Koguma’s bike is pretty much kitted out and she has a part-time job now.

Thanks to one day at work that was nothing but back-to-back package builds, I made up my anime goal and then some on a single day, pretty much. Finished re:zero season 2 (part 2) with six episodes, then decided to pick up 俺好き out of its long stint in the paused bin. Re:zero just keeps on surprising me; pretty much every character in this season was well-developed, and they managed to get me interested even in characters who I thought had long since served their purpose (Betelgeuse, for one!). If there were audiobooks for this series I would probably start listening ahead, I think.

It’s been over a year since the last time I watched 俺好き but fortunately I more or less remember what’s going on. Kinda liking the way things suddenly seem to be going with 津軽弁 girl???

Stayed up to date with seasonal anime like usual (かぐや様は告らせたい 阿波連さんははかれない Spy Family) and watched/subtitled ep. 8 and 9 of Summertime Rendering in a push that was just about the end of me. Subtitling still takes me a long time and it’s honestly pretty exhausting but I’m having a ton of fun.