Japanese reading report

Writing a report in ten minutes or less, for real this time. Four manga, one finished novel, one started novel, seven episodes of anime.

First manga was はじがーる vol. 1. This is by the same author as 珈琲をしづかに which I liked a lot, and so far the concept seems fun. The main girl gets “blessed” by a love fairy and has to find a way to accomplish a series of increasingly demanding romance tasks in order to find true love (but if she fails any of them she’ll be doomed to a life alone). It’s cute and some of the tasks end up being solved with big loopholes that are pretty funny.

Next: Crazy Food Truck. I went out and bought 2 and 3 to finish the series, but have only read vol. 2 so far. Not quite as crazy as the first one but still fun. The fantastical take on cooking is both outlandish and plausible and it’s very entertaining.

I finished 本好きの下剋上 2.1 a few days early. Looking forward to moving on to the next one pretty soon, though I don’t think I’ll be keeping on with the readalong strat for this one.

Read ふろラン vol. 2 to finish the series and didn’t like it much. The art was really nice throughout as expected but it felt like it lost the plot partway through vol. 1 and never found it again.

Highlight of the week was 道産子ギャルはなまらめんこい, a random vol. 1 I picked up for free about a guy who moves to Hokkaido and makes friends with a local gal. It’s really cute and pretty funny at times, and I’m having fun picking up various bits of 北海道弁. One that stuck out to me was したっけ, which I had learned years ago from 僕だけがいない街 as “goodbye”, but it apparently has a pretty flexible usage as a それじゃ standin. Already bought vol. 2, looking forward to it.

I kept up to date on my seasonal anime and watched a bit more of re:zero. It took me longer than usual to subtitle Summertime Rendering because I was busy all last weekend, but I also went through the past weeks to make sure they were all up to scratch with the conventions I’ve been developing over time. Subtitling is a lot of fun and I think I’d like to keep doing it after this show is over.

Started listening to スーパーカブ on audible, with the goal being to finish two volumes this month. So far I’m only a couple of chapters in. It’s nice smooth listening and I definitely get the ゆるキャン vibe. Not a lot to say so far other than that I thought it was pretty funny when the main girl gets a free helmet with her (discounted, perhaps cursed) motorcycle and says “how many people has this killed?”

Finally, started reading ヒトガタナ vol. 1 and will be wrapping it up tonight as I fall asleep. It’s made a decent first impression; kind of small-scale mobile suit action where you transfer your soul into an android body called a 刀. The two main characters so far have a fun dynamic and it goes back and forth between comedic chibi moments and action cuts with great movement.