Japanese reading report

This week: ten volumes of manga, 17 (effective) episodes of anime, and almost enough of my novel to meet the quota.

First of all, I read 阿波連さんははかれない vol. 9. After the developments in vol. 6 it’s been pretty standard comedy stuff, but this volume brought it back around to shed some more light on the Events. The beach/island trip had me in stitches.

The rest of my manga this week was 鬼獄の夜 (vol. 3-11). I’m honestly kind of surprised I read the whole thing? Every single volume was a solid 3/5, which has never happened before — I typically use three stars to indicate that a series is decent and I’m waiting for it to tip one way or another to see if I’ll proactively continue it, but this one kept pulling me along while never feeling like it justified a higher score. I’m not sure how much longer it’ll continue but it seemed like it could have ended with vol. 11 so unless 12 is the actual final volume I will almost definitely not read any more.

Stayed pretty much on track with 本好きの下剋上 (at 50% now), though I’m still in catch-up mode. This week’s pages had some good development for two new characters who made a very bad first impression last time. It also introduced a whole slew of societal ills that I’m sure マイン will be taking aim at in the near future. Saw 閂, always a highlight.

I’m glad I set my anime goal for one per day because while that’s really pretty low all things considered, it has indeed had the desired effect of getting me watching stuff more regularly, and I’m ahead of pace with a decent margin now. Aside from the weekly installments I’m still following, I also watched all of ミニドラ and お前はまだグンマを知らない, which I counted as one “episode” each since they were made up of 1-3 minute-long shorts. Former was quite nice, latter makes me think that Gunma might deserve its reputation as the worst place in Japan to visit. Seems super scary.

I also got sucked in to うらみちお兄さん and I have to say my initial impression was dead wrong. Maybe the first few eps were just weak but I’ve been really enjoying it at this point.