Japanese reading report

This week: seven manga volumes and eleven episodes of anime, plus a chunk of 本好きの下剋上 (though not as much as I should have).

We’ll start with anime this time: I watched two more episodes of うらみちお兄さん and liked it more than my initial impression. Four episodes of ドラゴンメイドS while exercising and waiting for builds to run at work. Caught up on かぐや様 and 阿波連さん. This week’s episode of Spy Family is one that we’ve been looking forward to for a while and it managed to exceed our expectations. Also two episodes of サマータイムレンダ subtitled (IIRC last week didn’t include the latest one).

First manga was a 十三機兵防衛圏 4koma manga I’d been sitting on for a while. It was okay; the art was cute and it had some funny gags but unfortunately a lot of it was just rehashing jokes that were already in the game. Next up: 阿波連さん vol. 7 and 8. The purest gyaru of them all has appeared on the scene and I really like the variety that the series has built up recently. クプルムの花嫁 is a series by an artist I follow on twitter, and I picked up vol. 1 a little while ago without knowing anything about it besides that the main couple seemed very precious. Turns out it’s sort of a hobby manga (coppersmithing?) with light tourism aspects (it takes place in 燕市 in 新潟). One little thing I noticed was that the local dialect for ごめん is apparently かんべ, which seems likely to have come from 勘弁. Not really gonna devote time to another dialect at this point but it struck me as interesting.

鬼獄の夜 vol. 1 and 2 were free last and I read them both. It’s a straightup horror series and gets pretty uhhh yabai at times but the pages really flew by so I’ll probably read more soon. Last manga for the week was マチネとソワレ vol. 1, which has been a bit of a wild ride. Not sure exactly what it is even after finishing the first volume; maybe it’s about method acting, maybe it’s about the pressures of society, maybe it’s about redoing your life in a parallel world — or maybe it’s all in your head? I’d like to read at least one more volume to see what’s really going on with this one.

I was on the road today and used the time to catch up on 本好きの下剋上, just listening obviously, not reading along while I’m in the car. It’s still spending a lot of time on the politics surrounding the priests and whatnot and the keigo is cranked up to a (literally) comical degree.