Japanese reading report

Pretty good week for me. I read 僕のヒーローアカデミア vol. 28-34, which catches me up with the volumes that are currently out. I ran across a surprising number of new words in here, and at a rate where they actually made certain scenes impossible to follow without looking some of them up. It’s been a while since that happened and it kind of surprised me. Very much enjoying this current arc, will definitely be following the manga from here on.

I also read Spy Family vol. 9. Very good wrap-up of the last arc and then a bunch of lighter comedy stuff for a little bit. My sister was reading vol. 4 across the room from me and kept giving me dirty looks because I was laughing at stuff she won’t get to see translated until probably next year. Never too late to start learning Japanese!

I started reading/listening to 本好きの下剋上 part 2 book 1 but I’ve only been at it for the last couple of days, so there’s not much to say so far. There was one section where they were going over some of the mythology of the setting and it had me completely blasted to hear all these fancy words being read off without any apparent hesitation. I don’t know how many takes the narrator had to use in order to finish the scene but holy smokes. There were some words I definitely misread right before hearing her say them (杯 as さかずき sticks out in my memory) and I can’t help but wonder if my read would have been wrong per se or if it was just a matter of her picking a word which better fit the current scene, like choosing between いい and よい for 良い. Pretty interesting stuff.

Finally, tons of anime (compared to normal). Ep. 11-12 of ダンベル何キロ持てる? (finished), 7-12 of 着せ恋 (finished), 1 of うらみちお兄さん, 1-5 of メイドラゴンS, 2 of であいもん, 4-5 of Spy Family and かぐや様は告らせたい, and 5-6 of 阿波連さんははかれない. Sitting down to watch/subtitle サマータイムレンダ now since I was a bit too busy to get to it earlier in the week. I’m now ahead of pace on my one-episode-per-day goal and hoping to pivot that into a habit, because it really is a great way to get some quick immersion, if only I would think to prioritize it.