Japanese reading report

Another seven-volume week. Trying to catch up to average one per day this month so I’ll have to do better next week. Still, definitely not bad.

I continued reading ヨコハマ買い出し紀行, volumes 8 and 9. These are always pretty smooth but I remember being pretty happy that I could figure out the kanji for 柿 just based on context (since it’s not too common and there was no furigana) and noticing a specific nuance where a character implied that she had firsthand knowledge of something by using あんな instead of そんな. Kind of a minor thing and I don’t think I would have picked up on it if the other character hadn’t pointed it out, but pretty interesting.

見える子ちゃん vol. 7 came out this week so naturally I read that as soon as I got my hands on it. The previous arc has been wrapped up pretty nicely and the next one seems quite interesting so far — there’s a new transfer student who has some kind of monster obscuring her face and she doesn’t even seem to be aware of it despite the fact that it’s apparently reacting to her suppressed emotions. It seems like a cool premise so naturally I’ll be excited to read on.

I had picked up 東京卍リベンジャーズ vol. 2 a while ago and kept forgetting to read it. I wasn’t impressed by the first episode of the anime but the manga left me curious and this next volume was a further improvement, so I’ll probably keep reading it at some point soon. Noteworthy moment: figuring out the word モメる just based on context (it seems like such a small thing but beggars can’t be choosers; I feel like my ratio of new discoveries has really plummeted lately).

This week also saw a new volume of 着せ恋 (vol. 9), completely unexpected but very welcome. This one seemed to mostly revolve around Marin realizing she had put on some weight and then learning about her new camera, and then the volume ended with some weird unresolved tension with a new character. Overall kind of unsatisfying? Hopefully the next one comes out soon.

Watched a couple more episodes of re:zero. Not really too much to report I guess. Rosewald is a stinker and Petra is a cutie.

Finally, I’ve gotten back to 怪物事変 with vol. 3. I’m not sure why I’ve let this one sit for so long, it’s so good and this volume even has best girl 紺 on the cover!!! Cool mosquito vampire women and a cute date chapter where 晶 and 織 were tailing 夏羽 and loudly giving “subtle” hints about what he should do to be more romantic. I’ll be finishing this one as I fall asleep but I’m totally beat and just want to get my report in before I head to bed.