Japanese reading report

This week I read nine volumes of manga and started watching some shows week-to-week. I’ve gotten so into the habit of waiting and then watching stuff in big batches, but since I’m paying for a crunchyroll sub so I can watch 鬼滅の刃 and 進撃の巨人, I might as well put it to use for other stuff. I haven’t been mentioning them in my reports since I’m watching with subtitles (with my sister) but I figured out that if I sit on my bed across the room, I’m too far away to read them. Anyway!

I watched the most recent eps of both 鬼滅の刃 and 進撃の巨人. The former had some extra scenes that weren’t in the manga and even so I was able to follow it no problem. The latter had both of us pretty confused though. I’m planning to read the whole manga at some point this year so maybe it’ll become clear at that point. Watched one (long) episode of 東京24区, which managed to make the trolley problem actually kind of interesting. Very cool visual style, gonna catch up soon. Three episodes of ヴァニタスの手記, very fun. One episode of 着せ恋 to see how it compared to the manga…not super impressed honestly; the art and animation are both very nice but the pacing feels like a downgrade from the manga. I’ll probably keep watching it anyway.

For manga, I read 着せ恋 5-8, which catches me all the way up with what’s been released to date. Very good and precious. The last volume got into the crossdressing side of things which is kind of a bummer (I feel robbed of a cute Marin payoff), but the story is going in very nice directions. Looking forward to the next one.

トニカクカワイイ vol. 8-10 were next. They keep dropping hints about the big “secret” and I’m wondering when it’ll actually take more of a major role in the story. Probably gonna catch up pretty soon.

I remembered I still hadn’t read おとなりに銀河 vol. 3, so that was next. They eliminated a pretty major plot element which I had assumed would be adding tension throughout the whole story, but also kind of turned that new absence into an important bit of its own. Wish this one would release more frequently, it always makes me feel wistful and happy.

Finally, 天つ狐と封印詩 vol. 2. I bought vol. 1 ages ago after seeing someone asking a question about it but was sort of underwhelmed and never got around to continuing it. This one was nice though, still a little weak in terms of plot beats but it introduced some more characters and ideas which were pretty fun. I noticed the series concludes with vol. 3 so I’ll probably read that soon.

I’m 43 volumes of manga into my goal of 100 for the year and I had decided that if I hit 10 this week again I would officially upgrade it to 365, but I decided to take it easy today and not push myself. Might still be making that change in the near future. We’ll see what happens.