Japanese reading report

This week I read four volumes of manga and watched a bunch of anime.

First up was Chainsaw Man vol. 1. I’ve always had an idea I would dislike this series and…I do! A bunch of my friends are really pumped for the anime so I figured I would at least give it the old college try in case I was missing out and I have to say I really can’t see myself getting into it. I’ve heard some stuff about the worldbuilding that seemed interesting but the first volume felt so underdeveloped and bland. I’ll probably read vol. 2 just because I have it in my library but it would have to see a dramatic improvement for me to go any further with it.

Next I read 少女終末旅行 vol. 4. It’s been a while since I saw the anime but I think I maybe have one more chapter before I’m caught up. For whatever reason I find myself going really slowly whenever I read this series despite the fact that there’s not much text and the page count is low.

Throughout the week I watched all 12 episodes of ヴァニタスのカルテ season 1, which was great. Might want to read the manga at some point but season 2 is coming out pretty soon so I’ll probably watch that first. I also watched all six episodes of いつだって僕らの恋は10センチだった, which was pretty good. Considering it’s half the length of a normal show it seemed inevitable that it would end up feeling rushed but other than that it was nice. I watched a few more episodes of 赤髪の白雪姫 as well, not sure how many but I’m done with season 1 now.

Yesterday I read アラガネの子 vol. 1, which I had bought a while ago for some reason…maybe one of those things where I pick something up just because it came out the very same day? It’s a somewhat new fantasy series where the magic system is based on precious stones. It feels a little unripe at the moment and the scene at the very end of the book definitely didn’t hit like a typical shounen action cliffhanger but it had some great moments so I’ll probably pick up the next volume soonish.

Lastly, today I read vol. 1 of スマータイムレンダ, another one from my backlog. There’s an anime coming out this April and it reminded me to give it a try. Was definitely not expecting to get so hooked right away. Planning to move on to vol. 2 right away since I already have it and potentially prioritize this series for a little while.