Japanese reading goals for 2022

I’ll be using this post to keep track of my goals and progress across the upcoming year.

  • 369/365 volumes of manga
  • 395/365 episodes of anime
  • 12/12 novels
  • 66/60 audiobooks (mixed-focus listening)

Where applicable, I’ll be updating my Bookmeter, Anilist, and VNDB profiles.

I settled on a goal of 100 volumes of manga because I feel like it’ll be easily achievable (I’ve done it once already, after all) but also a respectable number even if I don’t go over. Considering the size of my manga library, I certainly won’t be hurting for choice. As a soft goal, I’d like to read more 少女 and 女性 manga this year. The vast majority of what I’ve read so far has been 少年 (with a bit of 青年 mixed in here and there), and I think there’s probably a lot of great stuff out there in my blind spots.

It’s obviously no coincidence that my anime goal comes out to one episode per day. I probably won’t literally watch one episode every day, since when I watch anime I tend to go through multiple episodes in a row. The main reason for this specific number is to nudge me into a consistent habit, since I find it very easy to forget about prioritizing audio input.

Lastly, while I don’t plan to prioritize novels or games this year, I will certainly end up getting around to one of each, so this gives me a place to keep track of them.

As with last year, any notable milestones or tribulations will be tracked below.

Jan 23
I’ve just logged my 300th book on bookmeter, 呪術廻戦 vol. 12. I’m also over a quarter of the way through my manga goal (27/100) and it has occurred to me that I might have set my sights a little too low. I’m not sure if I want to adjust my goal just yet but I keep thinking back to a moment two years ago where the idea of reading one volume of manga per day seemed totally insane to me…and now here I am ahead of pace were I to be attempting it.

Apr 2
It’s the 92nd day of the year and I’ve just completed my initial manga goal of 100 volumes, and with that I’ve decided to finally increase my goal to match my current capability. I’ll be aiming for 365 volumes this year.

Apr 8
Last night I finished my first novel of the year, 青春ブタ野郎はロジカルウィッチの夢を見ない (technically completing my goal, though I’ll definitely be reading more). Reading along with audiobooks is something I want to try more of.

Apr 16
And barely a week later, my second of the year, 愚者のエンドロール. I’ve also started paying special attention to my anime habit since I’d been falling behind.

May 5
I’m still ahead of schedule on manga, so I’ve been focusing a bit more on anime recently and have finally gotten back on pace. Maybe I can make a habit of watching something in the morning while I eat breakfast or something.

May 31
I just finished my fourth novel of the year and decided to increase my goal to eight. Since signing up for audible I’ve suddenly found a lot of time that I can be using for “reading” and as such, fitting in a higher number shouldn’t really put any pressure on my other goals.

August 17th
Progress has been pretty steady. I’m about two weeks ahead of pace on my manga goal and trying to strike a balance between overachieving and giving myself enough buffer (with such an ambitious goal, it would be very easy to get totally swamped by missing just a few days). More importantly, I’ve decided to put my audible unlimited subscription to use massively ramp up my audio input. I bought some nice bluetooth headphones and my plan is to keep them on near-constantly for a little while. Passive immersion has always struck me as dubious at best, but my thinking is that I’ll be giving myself opportunities to switch in and out of focused listening whenever I get the chance. Mainly, I’ve noticed that I spend a LOT of time listening to music (and usually it’s just the same handful of songs on rotation) that I could certainly be putting to better use. Most of the time I’m just listening to music because 耳寂しい rather than because I have any particular song I want to hear at the moment. If I can replace this with Japanese input time, I’m sure it’ll do me some good at least.

August 29
I decided to add a goal for audiobooks, with an initial goal of 28 (about one every three days up to the december JLPT). I’m already a bit ahead of schedule so I may increase this later. I’ll be receiving my import copy of Soul Hackers 2 today, so I’m looking forward to finally checking that off my list.

September 2nd
Increasing my audiobook goal to 40, which is still probably less than I could manage at my current pace.

September 23nd
Increasing my novel goal to 11, and will likely increase it once more before the end of the year.

September 29th
Completed my audiobooks goal of 40; increasing it to 60.

October 25
Increasing my novel goal one last time, to 12.

November 11
I’ve decided to bite the bullet and remove my goal of “1 visual novel or Japanese-language game”. It’s not impossible that I’ll suddenly become inspired and rip through one in the next month, but aside from Soul Hackers 2, which I really haven’t been blown away by, there hasn’t been a single new game released this entire year that I want to play. This goal was never a priority; I just added it in to have somewhere to keep track of games I did end up playing, and since it seems like I’m not going to play any games, I figured I might as well free myself and take it out of the post.

November 19
I didn’t end up watching as much anime this year as I had thought I would, but I did finish my goal about a month and a half early.

November 20
Finished with my revised audiobooks goal. I won’t increase it further since I’m close to the deadline anyway, but I do plan to keep listening regularly.

December 21
My manga goal of 365 volumes is now complete. I had intended to pace myself to finish the last one on the last day of the year, but chainsawman had different plans. I’ll likely shift my focus onto my final novel and try to finish it a bit early, then just spend the rest of the year doing whatever I feel like.

December 23
Finally wrapped up my last novel, and with that I’ve completed all of my goals for the year.

December 31
Final update to goal counts.