Japanese reading goals for 2022

I’ll be using this post to keep track of my goals and progress across the upcoming year.

  • 27/100 volumes of manga
  • 29/365 episodes of anime
  • 0/1 novels
  • 0/1 visual novels or Japanese-language games

Where applicable, I’ll be updating my Bookmeter, Anilist, and VNDB profiles.

I settled on a goal of 100 volumes of manga because I feel like it’ll be easily achievable (I’ve done it once already, after all) but also a respectable number even if I don’t go over. Considering the size of my manga library, I certainly won’t be hurting for choice. As a soft goal, I’d like to read more 少女 and 女性 manga this year. The vast majority of what I’ve read so far has been 少年 (with a bit of 青年 mixed in here and there), and I think there’s probably a lot of great stuff out there in my blind spots.

It’s obviously no coincidence that my anime goal comes out to one episode per day. I probably won’t literally watch one episode every day, since when I watch anime I tend to go through multiple episodes in a row. The main reason for this specific number is to nudge me into a consistent habit, since I find it very easy to forget about prioritizing audio input.

Lastly, while I don’t plan to prioritize novels or games this year, I will certainly end up getting around to one of each, so this gives me a place to keep track of them.

As with last year, any notable milestones or tribulations will be tracked below.

Jan 23
I’ve just logged my 300th book on bookmeter, 呪術廻戦 vol. 12. I’m also over a quarter of the way through my manga goal (27/100) and it has occurred to me that I might have set my sights a little too low. I’m not sure if I want to adjust my goal just yet but I keep thinking back to a moment two years ago where the idea of reading one volume of manga per day seemed totally insane to me…and now here I am ahead of pace were I to be attempting it.