Japanese reading report

I put in another 20 hours of SMTV this week, current total 57 hours. I did do a bit of grinding at one point a couple of days ago, but probably not more than an hour or two. Some pretty big story events have taken place and it seems like we’re probably in the final act. I’m not sure I’ll be finishing it this coming week but hopefully it won’t take more than two. Still having a good time, not running into too much that I have to look up. Still have no idea what the protagonist says when he casts his unique lightning spell (〇〇の雷(いかずち)を!)

I finished フルバ and loved every minute of it. Apparently the reason “the ending is nothing but depression” was because the show is now over, well played Kate. Good feels all around. I’m not sure how well I would have comprehended it last year so I’m glad I held off until now because it was 95% comprehensible with no issues. I also resumed my paused watchthrough of 赤髪の白雪姫 and I’m up to episode 8. Honestly haven’t been incredibly sold on this one so far? but we’ll see. It only recently started carrying storylines across more than one episode so maybe now is when it starts to pick up.

Up to 73% through プチデビル後輩, still ahead of schedule but slowly starting to lose my lead. Once I finish SMTV I’ll be able to prioritize it but for now I’m not worried. This week covered the aftermath of the train station incident and some miscellaneous slice-of-life bits after that. I feel like a broken record but once again, some good stuff that didn’t make it into the show. I’m noticing a pattern here actually; it seems like anything that happened in Sakuta’s inner monologue (that he didn’t have an excuse to vocalize to somebody) ran a high chance of simply getting cut from the script. Whatever my novel goal ends up being next year (if I even set one) I think I’d like to get caught up with this series at the very least.