Japanese reading report

Kept playing SMT 5 this week, putting in around 17 hours (current total 37). Based on my level I think I’m a little over halfway through but I’ve been stuck on a boss since yesterday so I’ve mostly been going around and doing quests. Still enjoying it a lot and having fun with all the wacky dialogue styles.

I didn’t read much of プチデビル後輩 for most of the week, but I read enough today to stay ahead of pace. Just finished the scene where Sakuta sticks up for Tomoe on the train platform, about 60% through the whole book at this point. Obligatory “the book is better than the anime” moment; I like how Sakuta kind of gently bullies Tomoe into esteeming herself more and I feel like they kind of glossed over that in the show.

Last week I had somehow thought that the first season of Fruits Basket comprised half of the whole show’s runtime and I guess I was thinking that season two and three were both 13 episodes? It turns out season two was 25 episodes as well so I definitely didn’t finish the series this week, but I did finish season two so next week I’ll actually polish it off. I couldn’t remember where I had watched up to but everything this week was new to me so I guess it was just the length of the first season that threw me off. ANYWAY. This season was great, lots of nice story and character developments. I did notice that Tohru has started doing a thing where she adds です to the end of things for no apparent reason and I guess I wanted to point that out.

I also finished vol. 8 of 呪術廻戦. So far no indication as to why anyone would be a Toji stan.