Japanese reading report

This week I focused pretty hard on SMT5, with just over 20 hours logged. It’s videogame hours so obviously not all of that is reading per se but it’s still been pretty dense. All the archaic speech is pretty wild; I met a Shiki Ouji who straightup used 也, an Uzume who used よしなに and some other old stuff that I can’t recall offhand, and the sparky dog who calls himself 某 (それがし). Pretty crazy stuff. The ミマンs are kind of hard to understand just because their rejection of hiragana means I’m reading every word manually but by and large I’m not having trouble with anything, which is honestly pretty unexpected.

I rewatched the first season of Fruits Basket (25 episodes) which puts me over halfway through the entire show. I’m not entirely sure how much of the show I’ve actually watched — I know I put it on hold at some point because I was graduating from english subtitles when either season 2 or 3 was coming out, and wanted to be able to tell what was going on before continuing. In any case I’ll be continuing to (re)watch it and hopefully finish the series this coming week. Aside from the obvious gender role stuff (Ritsu dressing as a woman, Akito presenting as a man) I thought it was interesting that Momiji uses very feminine speech despite being a boy (and kind of a menace honestly), like using なの at the end of his statements. It’s something I definitely wouldn’t have picked up on when watching with subs.

I’m still reading a little over the minimum pages per day of プチデビル後輩 and have just passed the halfway point. Not really a ton to say that I haven’t said already.