Japanese reading report

This week I finished 南の子供が夜いくところ, my 11th novel this year. It’s another book by 恒川光太郎, the author of 夜市 etc. This one had a pretty interesting structure where all of the stories (around six of them I think) were focused on the same location and characters, but there was no real relation between them in terms of events. I was waiting up until the very last page for some sort of reveal that would tie everything together but it was much more open-ended. Pretty weird ultimately but I liked it better than 雷の季節の終わりに. The short-story format is definitely one of the author’s strengths and telling a longer story through a collection of them is a cool idea.

I found out that I’ve been watching the director’s cut re-release of re:zero, so I’m actually up to episode 11 now going by the normal anime numbering. Not much to say except that I’m still enjoying it and finding it pretty smooth despite having forgotten most of it.

While I was perusing the cmoa front page my sister pointed out this one manga purely based on the cover and I decided to grab it. 賭けからはじまるサヨナラの恋 is about this girl who works in an office and is always in hyper serious mode, and some of her senpai decide to prank her and her (モテモテ) coworker by betting him that he can’t get her to go out with him. Well of course nobody knows that she’s had a crush on him since forever and she decides to go along with it, knowing full well what’s going on since she overheard the bet taking place. It’s pretty cute but the first volume is super short so there haven’t been a lot of developments yet. Gonna grab vol. 2 when it comes out in a few days.