Japanese reading report

The first thing I read this week (in one sitting after I posted my last report) was 古見さん vol. 23. Especially after all the teasing last time, this one was so so good.

Next up was 呪術廻戦 vol. 4 and 5. Getting closer and closer to being caught up. Vol. 4 had some of my favorite panels to date and vol. 5 was pretty nonstop.

(Re)watched two more episodes of re:zero and I gotta say I do not remember them being this long. I really like how snappy the dialogue is and my memory is honestly hazy enough that it might as well not be a rewatch at all, so the continued feeling of being able to keep up is nice. I don’t think I even remember ロズワール existing at all (though right now the way he delivers his lines won’t leave my mind).

I’m behind schedule on 南の子供が行くところ, but not by too much. I finished the second chapter, which went to a very scary half-dream/half-reality place as I was reading in bed one night and implied some weird magic/folklore stuff moving behind the scenes. I also started and finished chapter 3, which I’m not quite sure how to place — it was about a guy from a primitive island people taking a months-long journey across the ocean to get help from a mythical creature of some kind, but then he ends up on the shores of the island with the main characters and at the end it almost seemed like there might have been some time travel involved. I started chapter four tonight, which so far is from the perspective of yet another new character who’s testifying about a body he found while exploring an abandoned building. I’m a little under two thirds through the book now and I have no idea how all these threads will tie together.