Japanese reading report

This week I read 無能なナナ vol. 7 and 8, which regrettably brings me to the end of the current releases. The last chapter wasn’t as much of a cliffhanger/twist ending as some of the others, but I would still like to get on with it. Nothing to do but wait I guess. These last few volumes have super committed to the genre switch and it’s pretty wild how much of a change in perspective it’s resulted in.

I also read vol. 6 of 見える子ちゃん, which was good despite being disappointingly short. The last chapter ended with some interesting implications that I’ll be curious to learn more about later.

I stayed on track with 南の子供が行くところ, though I did also decide to adjust my pace to add another week, so I’m actually a little ahead now (it occurred to me that even if I spill over into November to finish it, I’ll still be way ahead of schedule and have almost two months to finish my last novel of the year). I’ve finished chapter 2 and part of 3 now; the former was from the perspective of ユナ, the immortal (?) VIP of the island, showing her backstory, and the current chapter is from the perspective of some kind of journalist or something who’s going around interviewing people about a particular shrine. One of the people he’s talked to is タケシ (the boy from chapter 1), but it seems like a few years have passed. So far there’s been quite a lot of interesting worldbuilding and I like the way the story is being told.

I started rewatching re:zero and got through the first three (double-length) episodes. It’s been a long time so I’ve forgotten a bunch of the details but I’m having a pretty easy time following along.

Finally, my sister and I spent a few hours each night this week playing through the story mode for 鬼滅の刃ヒノカミ血風譚, which I bought in Japanese under the (mistaken) belief that it wasn’t coming out in the west (it was, just not physically). It’s not a big deal though because it turned out to be basically an abridged retelling of the whole series up through the end of 無限列車, which I would translate live for her. Between the story, the bonus cutscenes, and reading the tutorials and stuff there ended up being way more actual language-exposure time than I expected, so I’ve decided to count it as my third game this year.