Japanese reading report

This week I started reading Planetarian, which is technically a partial reread since I started it way back in Feb. 2017. For whatever reason I never finished it though, and I’ve been planning to get back to it for a while. According to the steam achievements I think I’m about halfway through it now? I’m enjoying it quite a bit. There’s a fair amount of vocab that’s new to me but I’m using the JPDB prebuilt deck which I can scroll through on my phone as I read and it’s been pretty smooth.

I stayed on track with 京都寺町三条のホームズ vol. 4, getting a bit ahead yesterday thanks to one scene that had really good momentum. I’m still planning to finish this one at the end of next week (and no earlier) so I can focus on other things as well and not feel like I’m always rushing.

Also watched up through ep. 20 of Fate/Stay Night. I know very little about this series but I had always assumed Saber was The One, so I’m surprised how much the anime seems to favor Rin (and wondering how much more of a role she could possibly play in Unlimited Blade Works?). Not complaining though.