Japanese reading report

This week I read 無能なナナ vol. 3 and had to immediately buy vol. 4 as well (which I started but only read a tiny bit of). Some of the questions I’ve had were answered in vol. 3 but then surprise! that was actually a misdirection too. The resolution of the cliffhanger from vol. 2 was great and this current one seems like it’s getting pretty serious.

I read up to the halfway point in バニーガール先輩 (99pg on ereader, ~180 physical). I’ve heard people say this would be a good novel for beginners and I’m not really sure I agree with that, but for me at least it’s nice and smooth and I’ve been able to easily read ahead of my quota each day so far. 咲太 is a really great protagonist and I very much enjoy reading from his perspective. He has a good dynamic with all the characters and the conversations have a nice back-and-forth rhythm. The LN also has a bunch of extra stuff that wasn’t adapted to the anime; nothing major, but some good character moments and jokes that were trimmed. I can already tell I’m going to want to keep reading the series once I finish this book.