Japanese reading report

This week I finished 京都寺町三条のホームズ vol. 3 two days ahead of schedule, and imagine my surprise when I realized the anime actually covers the first four books, not three. Oh well. The ending felt like a bit of a tease but the ongoing character development is still good.

I started reading 青春ブタ野郎 vol. 1 (バニーガール先輩) the day after, with the goal of finishing it by September 18, a nice leisurely 8(16) pages per day. I finished rewatching the anime this week and would like to read ahead eventually. Haven’t read enough of it so far to make much of a report but I’m mentioning it for posterity.

Since I’m finally caught up on my novels goal for the year (again), my manga ban is lifted, so I read 無能なナナ vol. 2 yesterday. It’s just introduced a new character who’s just a complete cinnamon roll and I’m wondering how exactly that’ll be handled. It occurred to me that this is kind of a battle royale series? I’m not too familiar with the genre but I imagine they typically involve some kind of team being formed — which seems antithetical here. The last chapter pulled an amazing twist and I’m itching to read the next volume.

Today I also read 古見さん. 22. The whole thing was full of great moments, but when I got to the end I kind of felt like nothing really happened? The teaser seems to indicate that something really will go down in the next volume, so I guess I just have to wait two more months. Oh well.