Japanese reading report

This week I finished 京都寺町三条のホームズ vol. 2 a couple of days ahead of schedule and started on vol. 3 right away. When I logged it on Bookmeter I was surprised to see my read pages go up by 301 rather than the 153 pages that my ereader reports, but I guess that’s how long the print version actually is. Pretty nice.

This week’s reading only included one chapter that wasn’t in the anime (well technically it was, but in a very stripped-down sense) where the cast spends some time at a “haunted house” to prank 秋人, which was fun. The master forger 円生 (aka 森阿[ーティ]) has been solidly set up as an antagonist now and his dynamic with ホームズ is very tense and interesting.

Since I finished early I decided to get ahead of schedule and start vol. 3 right away, and I’ve just finished the prologue. I really feel for the English translator…I thought she had her work cut out for her with all the 関西弁, but the series has recently started to feature poetry written in old japanese (which is then “translated” into modern japanese), so I’m very curious how she handles that.

I also finally got around to finishing シャーロット. Overall very good, but I feel like the last two episodes were pretty rushed and I didn’t completely love the ending. There were a few things throughout that I didn’t quite get at first, but I passed the “talk shop with my sister” test at the end and even pointed out a few things that she missed, which is a pretty good benchmark I feel.