Japanese reading report

This report will be a short one (because it’s late at night and I would like to go to bed) but I’m also putting it in now because I don’t want to wait until tomorrow — I’ve just finally finished 異世界食堂 vol. 1, one day before the end of the month and squeezing in just in time to avoid the shame of letting a whole month go by on Bookmeter with no apparent reading having been achieved.

This book was fun, though there were sections that really just dragged. The last chapter in particular was pretty bad honestly…the key guest is a samurai and uses 拙者 and でござる constantly. The chapter before last finally introduced Aletta, who I’ve been waiting for this entire time. Her chapter was nice and easy and I was able to get through it quickly despite it being a good ten pages longer than normal.

I’ll probably continue this series soon but will be holding off on long books at least until I get caught up with my yearly goal.

I also watched two episodes of 入間くん and one episode of Charlotte. Was hoping to do more but it’s been one of those weeks. Charlotte is fun (the little sister is a whole trip though) and my sister has been hounding me to watch it so that’ll probably end up taking priority.

I also read a bit more of 京都寺町三条のホームズ vol. 2, which has just become my main book. I’m hoping to finish it in two weeks; we’ll see how that actually ends up happening. I think I’ve mentioned it before but I really like the way the characters interact; they both speak very politely to each other all the time, but it’s friendly and natural, not stiff or textbooky. Considering all the dialect and antiques-related vocab it’s not a series I can recommend to just anyone, but I think it would be a great resource for learning natural speech.