Japanese reading report

Couldn’t stay on track with 異世界食堂 this week, thanks to getting sick Thursday night and just ごろごろ-ing round for the next few days. I did read chapters 14-16, so I could theoretically finish it next week without too much trouble, but I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to wrap it up. Oh well.

I did manage to watch a lot of anime though; seasons 2 and 3 of 文豪ストレイドッグス, which were great despite there being lots of points that I didn’t quite track with, but when I was discussing the series as a whole with my sister after the fact I realized there wasn’t too much that I was actually in the dark about. I think I’d like to read the manga at some point anyway, so I’ll have plenty of time for review later.

I also watched seasons 1, 2, and 3 of 八十亀ちゃんかんさつにっき, though with each episode being just three minutes that’s barely two hours so it’s not as much as it seems. This one was fun; it’s basically a tourism anime but somehow seems less blatant than most. The various 名古屋-area dialects were pretty easy to understand and the little tidbits of local culture are always fun to learn about.

Last up I watched three episodes of 魔入りました!入間くん, which I’ve been curious about for a while now. It’s a pretty fun show. The first time I heard Clara I immediately assumed that I didn’t understand anything she said, and then was surprised when I realized I somehow did after all. Will likely continue watching it soon but I might be strongarmed into watching Charlotte instead so we’ll see what next week brings.