Japanese reading report

This week I stayed largely on track with 異世界食堂, reading chapters 9-13. Was planning on reading one chapter per day but didn’t end up being able to stick to it, so my volume is a bit lower than last week, but I should still be able to finish it by my next report. A few of these chapters featured scenarios that weren’t adapted for the first season of the anime as far as I remember, so it was a challenge speedreading them though I did pretty well I think. One of the chapters gave me particular trouble because the guests ended up being vampires, but the only clue was the word 冥府 and the fact that they couldn’t eat ガレオ, which turned out to be one of those silly “fantasy language” words for garlic. I figured I had missed something so I reread the first chunk of the chapter but no, I guess you’re just supposed to be left in the dark for a while.

I also picked away at 京都寺町三条のホームズ vol. 2 here and there, mostly just when I couldn’t read my paperback book for whatever reason. Only made it through the first three parts of chapter 1 (last week was the prologue) so far. Just mentioning this for posterity really; I’ll be focusing on it in earnest once I finish 異世界食堂.

Finished watching ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 part 4, and enjoyed it all. In my opinion this is the strongest final arc in any of the series that have been animated so far.

Also started and finished season one of 文豪ストレイドッグス, which I’ve often heard about but never gotten around to. I really like it and will be continuing with it right away. There’s a decent amount of it that goes over my head but I’m also planning to start using subs2srs cards to get caught up so I can talk shop with my sister. In the meantime, I’ve still learned a bunch of new words — some standouts are やつがれ (definitely the most extra pronoun I’ve run into so far) and 夜叉, neither of which I anticipate being very useful but hey, it’s fun to learn new things.