Japanese reading report

It’s another slow week for me. Three volumes of manga and four episodes of anime.

First up I decided to read ソウナンですか? vol. 1 for some reason, after being pretty unimpressed by the anime last week. The manga is actually quite a bit better and I could see myself continuing once I finish up what I’ve gotten for free. Each chapter has at least one point where they teach you some new vocab or explain a concept in layman’s terms and the pacing is pretty good if you consider that it’s a trick-of-the-week series.

Next I read 戦隊大失格 vol. 2. I really like this series and honestly I’m considering reading it week to week. The “playing both sides” element I thought I had picked up on in vol. 1 turned out to be a major underestimation and I’m very curious to see how it continues to develop.

My sister has been really into 赤髪の白雪姫, so I read the first volume and watched the four corresponding episodes of the anime. There’s also a one-chapter standalone story called 八月の四季彩 which I liked a lot better than the main book. I’m not totally blown away by it yet but apparently it gets really good so I’m gonna keep trucking.