Japanese reading report

Kind of a light week for me. I watched all of ソウナンですか?, but the episodes are all 12 minutes long for some reason so the total runtime was only 2:30. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this series and it was kind of a letdown…it’s fine I guess. I understood most of it and theoretically even learned some survival facts. Might read a bit of the manga since I got two volumes for free a while back.

I also read vol. 1 of 沖縄で好きになった子が方言すぎてツラすぎる, which as advertised was pretty ツラすぎる. Okinawa dialect is absolutely wild and for the most part I couldn’t even imagine how the words would be pronounced (in terms of intonation and cadence etc). I looked up a video to get a feel for it and was surprised to learn that Chiaki (a youtuber I follow) is originally from Okinawa, so that was pretty cool. Throughout the book I was barely able to pick up a few words here and there, which was very surprising. Will probably read the next volume at some point.

Chiaki’s video

I also read Flying Witch vol. 10. It’s been exactly a year since the last volume so I’ve sort of forgotten what all was happening. Fortunately it’s pretty standalone for the most part so I was still able to enjoy it. There was quite a lot of dialect packed into the first few chapters; first a town-wide おすそ分け tour (where everyone spoke light 津軽弁) and then a splash of 沖縄弁 when Makoto goes home to visit her family and meets up with her childhood friend who’s been studying in Okinawa. Learned some temple-related vocab in the last arc and got stuck a bit in the magic academy place, but overall pretty smooth sailing.