Japanese reading report

This week I read 古見さん vol. 21, カラーレス vol. 2, and おとなりに銀河 vol. 2, as well as watched ep. 6-22 of 四月は君の嘘 and all of アオハライド (about 11 hours).

Back when I originally watched it, for some reason I put 四月は君の嘘 on hold about halfway through, so it was good to finally finish it. I have to say the ending was not nearly as emotionally destructive as I had been led to expect. I wonder if it would have hit harder if I had been able to go in blind, but as it was I felt like it resolved exactly as I would have expected just by watching the anime with no expectations. In any case, I enjoyed it a lot.

My sister started watching アオハライド at my recommendation so I decided to rewatch it as well. I honestly didn’t remember anything about it at all besides that I had liked it. Not a lot to say here from a language perspective, but I enjoyed this rewatch as well. Apparently there was supposed to be a second season but it never came to fruition. I might read a bit of the manga at some point since the ending wasn’t really very satisfying.

古見さん is as good as ever. I read this volume really quickly for some reason. The rivalry with 零 is really cute and I like how the two main girls are still really close despite being rivals. I remember seeing pages from this volume on twitter not too long ago so hopefully they keep up this pace and get more volumes out soon.

I keep meaning to go back to カラーレス but getting distracted by other things. The art is really good and the setting is interesting, so I enjoyed this volume. While thinking about how I would go about translating 色力学 (I was thinking “chromatics”) I idly looked it up and found that 量子色力学 (quantum chromodynamics) is actually a real field of study? That was kinda fun. The stuff in the manga is obviously way more literal but it’s neat that it was kind of based on a real thing.

Finally, おとなりに銀河 spent basically the whole volume being cute fluffy romance and barely mentioning the fact that しおり is an alien or w/e, but I’m ok with it.

Japanese reading report

I started off the week by finishing わたしの幸せな結婚, which I believe only took me another day or two since my last report. The last chapter didn’t really accomplish anything major in terms of story but it did wrap everything up nicely. There are more books in the series but apparently it was originally written to be standalone, so I don’t think I’ll run right out to continue it. I liked the ending and didn’t feel like it needed to continue.

Early in the week I read vol. 1 of 進撃の巨人, since I ended up binging all of season 4 (using english subtitles with my sister so it doesn’t count) and was VERY disappointed in the production quality and needed to cope. I’ve been planning to read through the whole series at some point so this was as good a kickoff as any. I learned a new grammar point (feels like a really long time since that happened), てまで, which I was able to figure out by context but later looked up out of curiosity only to find that it’s considered to be N2, not N1 as I expected.

Throughout the week I read up to chapter 3 of 異世界食堂, which is going pretty smoothly when I can find the motivation to read it. For whatever reason I’m just having trouble setting aside time for it. It’s been so long since I saw the anime that I totally forgot some of the nonsense they get up to — like writing 杯 and giving it furigana meant to represent the language of the person whose perspective is currently in use, or just completely using a made-up word to refer to “onions”.

I finally got around to 戦隊大失格 vol. 1, which is the new series from 春場ねぎ(五等分の花嫁)and I’m liking it a lot so far. The basic premise is that some alien invaders came to earth and got rebuffed by the local Sentai troupe…who cut them a deal of “if you agree to keep this up, we won’t completely wipe you out”. So the current arrangement is that the invaders are stuck on earth, unable to leave and forced to participate in a perfunctory battle every Sunday afternoon, while the “Dragon Keeper” Sentai squad prop themselves up into a huge media empire. The main character (an invader who’s gotten sick of all the song and dance) goes undercover to infiltrate the Keepers and ends up falling in with two unlikely allies(?); a girl who wants to topple the Keeper empire because the battles are boring, and a guy who dreams of a world where humans and the invaders can live in peace. I’m kind of getting Spy Family vibes with the whole “playing both sides” angle and the writing has been really fun so far. Looking forward to continuing the series.

Today I (re)watched five episodes of 四月は君の嘘, which I think I got about halfway through a long time ago (with subtitles). Planning to watch the whole series over the next week if I can. It’s been pretty smooth; even the more technical lingo associated with the music industry has all turned out to be stuff I learned a long time ago from 響け!ユーフォニアム.

Finally, I finished ending A of Nier Replicant with a total of 23 hours (my estimate last week was way off). I’m going to count this towards my goal of five games cleared this year, and will count the other endings as one additional game collectively if I decide to finish them. From playing Automata I know there’s going to be a lot of extra content past the original ending, but honestly this game never really grabbed me and I thought the whole final act was pretty bad.