Japanese reading report

This week I finally finished up 本好きの下剋上 vol. 3. Feeling very positive about this pace (I ended on the exact day I planned to). I have to say, the last few chapters were kind of rough. After the climactic confrontation last week, the epilogue and everything after it just made the book feel like it was overstaying its welcome…not to mention, yesterday’s chapter was written entirely in keigo, which felt like driving over speed bumps the whole time. In any event, I enjoyed this book a lot and will be moving on with the series soon.

I also read a bit of 風の道しるべ here and there, finishing story #1, then reading all of #2 about half of #3. This current story is the best one so far since it has Inosuke and the author captures him quite well. Planning to finish this one up in the coming week.

Worth mentioning: yesterday I set up a Japanese google account so I could play Nier Re[in]carnation and spent maybe an hour on it. I’ve never played a gatcha game before so I don’t know how long I’ll stick with it, but so far it’s pretty nice. The worldbuilding is interesting and I’m able to follow along with the spoken audio just fine, though some of the UI text is short-lived enough that it’s impossible for me to grasp everything before it fades away. Good speed-reading progress I guess?