Japanese reading report

This week I decided that completely cutting manga out was just getting me down, so I decided to let myself read manga at night again. Started up ゆるキャン vol. 3 and read it a little at a time while I was falling to sleep; probably just a couple of chapters here. I also decided to rewatch the anime before getting into the second season (four episodes this week).

I made really good time on 本好きの下剋上 vol. 3, making up for my missed goal from last week and reading all the way to the epilogue last night, bringing me to exactly 75% of the way through. The last few chapters were really exciting and climactic (fitting for the end of an arc) and I kept getting swept along even though I was planning to stop.

I also started reading 風の道しるべ in parallel (the last 鬼滅の刃 spinoff novel so far) at a more relaxed pace, but still planning to finish it by the end of the month, which would get me totally back up to speed on my yearly goal. Unlike the other books so far this one devotes almost the first half to the titular story, which is focusing on 実弥 before he becomes 風柱. There’s a bit of interesting lore regarding his scars which fits really well with a few key points despite not being mentioned explicitly in the manga as far as I remember. I have to admit I wasn’t incredibly excited about this one after the last book left me kind of cold, but so far it’s off to a good start.