Japanese reading report

I managed to prioritize 本好きの下剋上 this week, reading one chapter per day and bringing me up to 25%. I’ll be trying to maintain this pace until I finish it so as to get slightly less behind on my goal. There are some interesting development seemingly about to go down (the last chapter I read had a bit of a cliffhanger). It occurred to me as I was finishing up this last chapter that I’m only running into a few unknown words per page now, which feels nice (especially since the pages in this volume are really dense).

Throughout the week in dribs and drabs I finished up 午後3次雨宮教授のお茶の時間 vol. 2. It kind of has the same problem that 甘々と稲妻 had where every chapter inevitably has some surprised 美味しい~ reactions, which makes it a little tedious to read in big doses.

Finished up the トニカクカワイイ anime and enjoyed it a lot. I definitely lost track at some points but fortunately when I passed the point which I’d read up to, everything from that point on was nice and smooth. I also (re)watched Shall we ダンス and had a much tougher time comparatively (couldn’t find any J-subs so I had to watch it raw). Still was able to follow most of it and had a good time.

I forgot to mention it last week but I’ve decided to give vtubers a try; watched a few episodes of 鈴原るる’s Yakuza 0 playthrough. The 関西弁 is pretty thick but it’s been interesting. I’ve often been curious about the series but haven’t managed to enjoy playing it myself, so this is a good opportunity.

Finally, while I was able to make some good progress in other areas I did unfortunately neglect 大図書館の羊飼い…again. I was planning to read 3.5 hours of it today in order to catch up, but was only able to manage 1.5. Starting to wonder if my goal of five VNs this year was a bit ambitious…