Japanese reading report

This week I I read three and a half more volumes of manga, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can’t be trusted with anything. First was トニカクカワイイ vol. 4, which finally sold me on the series (I was already enjoying it but it moved to my “actively following” list). Next was ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 vol. 4, which I’ve wanted to keep reading for a while. Last was 怪物事変 vol. 1, which I got for free a while ago and pulled out now that the anime is running. I enjoyed it quite a bit and will probably start watching the anime at some point. I also read about half of 午後3次雨宮教授のお茶の時間 vol. 2 here and there while falling asleep.

January is almost over and I still haven’t finished any novels, so I’m feeling rather behind — once I finish 雨宮教授, I’m going on a diet until I either fall behind schedule or finish a novel, whichever comes first. In pursuit of that, I did get back to 本好きの下剋上 vol. 3, reading two chapters over the last two days. I also stayed somewhat up to date with 大図書館の羊飼い — they introduced a new character whose entire personality is that she tries to leave and is not allowed to leave. I feel kinda bad for her.

Last thing of the week: I also started watching トニカクカワイイ this morning. Just two episodes so far, and a lot of it was familiar since I’ve already read almost everything that the first season covers, but it was enjoyable and I need more listening practice anyway. There were definitely some words which I didn’t recognize when I heard them despite definitely knowing them in text, so those re-connections are good to get.