Japanese reading goals for 2021

I’ll be using this post to keep track of my goals and progress across the upcoming year.

  • 5/52 volumes of manga
  • 0/12 novels
  • 0/5 visual novels or Japanese-language games

Where applicable, I’ll also be updating my Bookmeter and VNDB lists.

My baseline manga goal won’t change from last year; even though I could easily double it, I’d rather set my priorities elsewhere. I enjoy reading manga but I’m not sure there are 52 volumes of anything that I’m anxious to read, so I’ll be pursuing this goal on a more casual level.

With the novel hurdle soundly cleared last year, I’m raising my goal to 12, which should be easily achievable considering my pace by the end of 2020. I was considering whether to include visual novels in this number, but I ultimately decided to keep those in their own category.

I’ve been wanting to get into visual novels for some time now (after all, that’s where I had my first introduction to anything Japanese-related), but I’ve heard that they sit rather high on the difficulty spectrum. Since I plan to play on either my Vita or Switch, the typical tools like text hookers and OCR won’t be available to me, so I wanted to hold off until they were a little more accessible for me to read unaided. This third category is primarily intended for VNs, but I’ll also count games which have a substantial amount of reading involved.

(to be updated!)