Japanese reading report

I managed to prioritize 本好きの下剋上 this week, reading one chapter per day and bringing me up to 25%. I’ll be trying to maintain this pace until I finish it so as to get slightly less behind on my goal. There are some interesting development seemingly about to go down (the last chapter I read had a bit of a cliffhanger). It occurred to me as I was finishing up this last chapter that I’m only running into a few unknown words per page now, which feels nice (especially since the pages in this volume are really dense).

Throughout the week in dribs and drabs I finished up 午後3次雨宮教授のお茶の時間 vol. 2. It kind of has the same problem that 甘々と稲妻 had where every chapter inevitably has some surprised 美味しい~ reactions, which makes it a little tedious to read in big doses.

Finished up the トニカクカワイイ anime and enjoyed it a lot. I definitely lost track at some points but fortunately when I passed the point which I’d read up to, everything from that point on was nice and smooth. I also (re)watched Shall we ダンス and had a much tougher time comparatively (couldn’t find any J-subs so I had to watch it raw). Still was able to follow most of it and had a good time.

I forgot to mention it last week but I’ve decided to give vtubers a try; watched a few episodes of 鈴原るる’s Yakuza 0 playthrough. The 関西弁 is pretty thick but it’s been interesting. I’ve often been curious about the series but haven’t managed to enjoy playing it myself, so this is a good opportunity.

Finally, while I was able to make some good progress in other areas I did unfortunately neglect 大図書館の羊飼い…again. I was planning to read 3.5 hours of it today in order to catch up, but was only able to manage 1.5. Starting to wonder if my goal of five VNs this year was a bit ambitious…

Japanese reading report

This week I I read three and a half more volumes of manga, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can’t be trusted with anything. First was トニカクカワイイ vol. 4, which finally sold me on the series (I was already enjoying it but it moved to my “actively following” list). Next was ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 vol. 4, which I’ve wanted to keep reading for a while. Last was 怪物事変 vol. 1, which I got for free a while ago and pulled out now that the anime is running. I enjoyed it quite a bit and will probably start watching the anime at some point. I also read about half of 午後3次雨宮教授のお茶の時間 vol. 2 here and there while falling asleep.

January is almost over and I still haven’t finished any novels, so I’m feeling rather behind — once I finish 雨宮教授, I’m going on a diet until I either fall behind schedule or finish a novel, whichever comes first. In pursuit of that, I did get back to 本好きの下剋上 vol. 3, reading two chapters over the last two days. I also stayed somewhat up to date with 大図書館の羊飼い — they introduced a new character whose entire personality is that she tries to leave and is not allowed to leave. I feel kinda bad for her.

Last thing of the week: I also started watching トニカクカワイイ this morning. Just two episodes so far, and a lot of it was familiar since I’ve already read almost everything that the first season covers, but it was enjoyable and I need more listening practice anyway. There were definitely some words which I didn’t recognize when I heard them despite definitely knowing them in text, so those re-connections are good to get.

Haxe still has problems

Following up from my post about using Haxe/OpenFL to save some of my old Flash games, I do feel like I have to talk about some frustrating points that came up during the progress.

I will preface this by saying that the problems Haxe has now are different than the problems it had when I was using it previously. Throughout this process, I only came across a bare few instances where switching targets led to suddenly broken code. The OpenFL runtime never totally crashed on me like it used to do. I didn’t have to fiddle with DCE flags to prevent my code from being erroneously stripped from the build. It’s obvious that Haxe has improved a lot over the past few years, and that’s great. I do plan on continuing to use it to port my other game projects, and I would recommend it to anyone else for the same purpose. I do believe in criticizing the things we love though, so let’s get into it.

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A week of Haxe

It’s been a long time since I used Haxe — my last commit to the Iridescence repository was over six years ago, and I haven’t been back to it ever since. When Flash finally reached its end-of-life and my old Flash games suddenly became unplayable, I realized that this would be a perfect opportunity to get back to it, see what had changed, and do a bit of digital preservation work while I was at it.

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Japanese reading report

This week I just read one volume of manga, おいしいコーヒーのいれ方 vol. 1. I picked it up based on the idea that I would be learning good coffee making tips, but it seems to have been a bamboozle. So far it seems to be a romantic drama where coffee is only barely involved. I enjoyed it well enough but won’t be rushing out to continue it.

The rest of the week I spent on 大図書館の羊飼い. I’ve been pretty busy the last few days so I feel like I’m slacking a little, but I did manage to fit in at least half an hour per day. They introduced a couple of new characters and set up a means by which we can theoretically figure out who’s been sending the 羊飼い emails. Nothing major in terms of plot development but some of the scenarios have been hilarious. I’ve finally come around to 高峰 (he didn’t impress me at first) and everyone feels like they have good chemistry at this point.

Japanese reading report

This week I read actually kind of a lot of manga without meaning to, though not because of any quota; there was just a bunch of stuff I wanted to read. First up was Spy Family vol. 6, which I bought and read on the day it came out. This one was a ton of fun and ended with a pretty good cliffhanger so I’ll be looking forward to the next volume.

I also picked up 僕の心のヤバイやつ vol. 1, which I’ve had my eye on for a while after discovering the artist on Twitter. I gotta say it’s…not at all what I had expected? I guess it gets kind of wholesome as it goes along but at least here at the beginning it’s pretty messed up. The main boy has wild mood swings where he’s literally on the brink of whipping out a box cutter on his classmates, and the main girl is pretty unpleasant. I enjoyed pieces of it and I’m curious to see how it develops but I doubt I’ll be jumping back into it.

Next up was むとうとさとう vol. 2, which I read through pretty quickly. Not a lot to say here, basically more of the same awkward romantic comedy stuff as before. It’s a fairly young series so I might try to catch up pretty soon.

Last one this week was すいとーと vol. 3, which is actually suddenly the last one in the series. I’ve been reading it since day 1 so it’s kind of neat to reach the end. Just like before it’s got me desirous of a trip to 福岡, and this time felt like it had a lot more dialect than the previous ones. It was kind of weirdly paced and I think the restaurant-per-chapter format kind of worked against it at the very end, but not a huge deal.

Throughout the week I read a decent amount of 大図書館の羊飼い. I’m only at 3% of the total completion but it seems I’m on a decent pace through the first route? Kana is still a real treasure but the other characters are getting some good development as well. Surprisingly not needing to look up too many words lately, which is nice.

The polite/casual matrix

“The formal version of this would use します instead of する”
“Since you’re speaking casually, you don’t have to use です”

I see statements like this all the time, and it always makes me twitch a little bit. It’s a bit of an “all squares are rectangles” problem; certainly much casual speech is informal, and certainly much polite speech is also formal, but there’s more to the story than just these two cases. In fact, there are two pairs of opposite modes, which together produce four noteworthy combinations:

  • Polite vs Non-polite
  • Formal vs Colloquial

Let’s define each one of these modes before we move on to mixing them together.

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Japanese reading report

At the beginning of the week, I read two more volumes of manga (かたなかける vol. 4 and 5) to finish out my (doubled) goal for the year at 104. This also means I’m caught up with what I have of this series; I got some for free ages ago and have just been slowly picking through it one book at a time. I went ahead and grabbed the next volume so I’ll probably be moving on to it pretty soon.

Until the end of the year, I wanted to spend time on something else so as to not go over my goal number, so I went back to 真3 for a little bit and just…I don’t think I’m going to keep playing it. I don’t have a clear idea of where to go or what to do, and the friction introduced by the random battles makes it frustrating to try and figure it out. I might go back to it in a while but for now it’s going on the shelf.

After this I tried out a couple of demos on the Switch eShop (Daemon X Machina and Bravely Default 2) until I remembered that I had a stalled playthrough of 大図書館の羊飼い, so I went back to that. I was doing alright last time I tried it, but it feels like it’s going even more smoothly this time. I’m going to stick with it for a while, hopefully until I finish one route at least. Visual novels are part of my reading goal for this year, so I figured it would be good to start early since it’s still largely uncharted territory.