Japanese reading report

This week I had kind of a slump in the middle. There were two days where I was super busy and barely managed to check off my 30m bare minimum reading goal. I somehow still managed to read four new volumes of manga though, so I’m now ahead of my new schedule to read 104 volumes before the end of the year.

First up was 古見さん vol. 18 (I stocked up and bought the rest of the currently-released volumes). The chapter where they got stuck in Otori’s house was probably my favorite even though I utterly failed to figure out any of the puzzles.

Next I read 鬼滅の刃・外伝, which was really great, definitely my highlight of the week. It’s a lot darker than the main series and the art style is markedly different but it does a great job of capturing the tone. It didn’t seem like it was numbered but I hope they make more.

A few weeks ago I read chapter 1 of おとなりに銀河 at the end of another manga volume by the same author, so I grabbed the full version this time and finished it up. It’s basically a cute awkward romance story about writing manga (the main character is an alien who left her people after learning about what love could really be like from shoujo manga). Will definitely be reading along as it releases.

This week’s two chapters of 本好きの下剋上 took me 2:31:30 to finish, which (just like last week) gives me an average of ~4 minutes per page (best time 2:23). Like usual, it went pretty smoothly. I’ve decided to start reading at my own pace once this book is finished so I’m looking forward to that.

Finally, I read 古見さん vol. 19. Time to anxiously await the next volume I guess (being caught up is suffering).